Friday, May 22, 2009

Fitness Friday Update- Not Pretty

My update is not pretty! I was doing pretty well for a while. Then the fun times became surrounded by food. It is so hard to have to cook your the family, especially a Teenage. Oh, to be a teen all those sweets and fatty foods. I do not have a problem staying away the the fatty foods, IT'S THE SWEETS! so I am going to post this quick and move on.. all the weight I lost while doing a online health plan,I have gained back,Yuck.
The online health plan I was using changed a main part of their site and it became too frustrating to use. So,I had to quite the service (I will be posting about that later next week). I have found a new site I will be working with the next few weeks. Trying to get back on a good track. One that takes the family along with out their knowledge,hehehe. I am getting so depressed with the weight issue.

It is hard to post these Fitness Friday's when there are no responses.


  1. YOu can do this - it's okay! Re-focus and think I CAN I CAN!

    We are all here to support each other ;-)


  2. Weight loss can be depressing and I'm sorry you seem to think you're not getting responses. We all try to get to each blog and comment every week and some weeks people just don't participate for whatever reason. We're really hoping more people will involve themselves in Fitness Friday to not only voice their own opinions on their blogs but to show their support on other blogs like this one, especially when a person is feeling down on themselves. I think it's okay to allow yourself some sweets, but just eat them in moderation. It's a tough journey and I know it's frustrating. Email me if you want to talk about anything.

  3. I have had single days where I have felt like I am doing great, then am depressed(those tend to be clothing shopping days). Sounds like you are going to keep trying so that is the most important thing!

  4. I think you look beautiful and you have a loving heart so stop being depressed over the weight issue and enjoy as much as you can, you will be okay. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  5. Weight loose gets me down many times. It is so hard to think of yourself as beautiful but you are. I totally know where you are coming from. I for one have a teen in the house so I know what you are going through there. Also I love sweets. I love suckers, and chocolate. It is very hard for me to give them up so I don't give them up I portion it.

    Please know you are in my thoughts and I would love to chat with you one on one if you ever want to talk.

    You are right it is hard to post when there are no response but it looks like we are going to change that for you and get you tons of responses.

    Don't give up. I am here if you need to talk.

  6. Hi,
    Losing weight is not easy, but it is well worth it to live a long life. Nutrition, moderate exercise and water have helped me to lose weight. I like you blog and stick with your goal plan and you will get the results you are looking for. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! :-)

  7. I can`t resist sweets either. Have you ever tried myfooddiary online. I have some friends that used it.