Friday, May 1, 2009

Fitness Friday- Let's get started again!!

Loosing weight and eating fit is so hard when the Support system is not there. I do not care how many times one said "I am doing it for me" or" It's for my Health, to live longer" or again " I want to see my child get married and be a grandmother". With out the support of one another and comments, encouragement , crying and laughing of people(followers) it is easy to slide back. When Your family does not have (or are not concern with) the Healthy eating issue. Then the will power go out the window. Pizza nights, Eating Out , Not wanting what is cooked or just eating the snacks, all of these throw blocks to our eagerness to get fit.
I have found this week to be hard. I have Blogged my difficulties and even some knowledgeable material. I have researched some other tools to use. Have gone into my library of a long list of exercise DVDs , videos, books and equipment I have purchase through the years to help with stay fit.
I will say I have a bounty , Tony Little, Jane Fonda, Patti Duke, Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks-Taebo, Windsor Pilate's and many others. Then there the books; Weight lifting to a fitter you, Escape your shape, Diets don't work, the Pilate's directory and I am sure others lost in the book piles. How about the machines; Treadmill, stepper, thigh master, row machine, gliders, Pilate's machine, the new Wii fit and all those that we got rid of. Finally let's not forget all those hand weights, stretch bands and door pulleys we have laying around. With all these tools the weight is still there.
So, what is missing? I know for me it is a support system that is not Weight Watches (group weigh in) but one that it laughing and crying and giving me the go go girl! My Mom used to do that and even though I slid back she still laughed, cried, listened and stuck with me.
So how did I fair this week? Not Good!! Gained some weight. Eating comfort food felt nice, because of some stress factors. This next week I will work harder on trying to exercise when the stress and sadness comes on. My thought is if I replace the old habits with a new healthier habit I will feel better.
I will continue to blog each day as to my progress. Helping me to deal with the feeling of overwhelming issues.


  1. Please, PLEASE get into the Wii Mommies forums, that's exactly what we're trying to establish. We hope to be a place one can go to get a free support system without leaving the house. We offer support and encouragement and seek advice and recommendations. We're all new at this for the most part and losing weight is just not as easy as gaining but know there are people right beside you who want to help you and get help from you. Beautiful post and thanks so much for your support! (Also, please email me if you need to talk in private, I can give you my number)

  2. Yeah! Comfort foods will get us everytime. lol Don't give up! Hang in there! We are in the same boat. Whoa! :)

    Come read my short post too.

  3. Definitly dont give up...and sometimes to stick with the diets is to not say you are dieting(but still cut back) and splurge once in a while..or keep that splurge to a little amount at a time.

  4. Julie- I tried to join the form a couple of times. it seems when you changed over I can not log in. and the load is so slow from my server that I get kicked off. that is why I haven't joined the form.
    Gahome2mom- that's for the response, No I will not give up. It just might take me longer.
    Collen- Can't give in, I do allow my self some splurges. And Yes your right diets don't work!!

  5. I'm in an opposite situation. I'm thin, eat pretty well and am active. My daughter takes after my husband's side of family and it troubles me greatly to see how much weight she has gained since leaving home. When she left for college it started. Each time we saw her I could tell another 10 pounds was with her. It's been 7 years since she's lived with us, and she's beginning to get a double chin. Diabetes runs on his side of family. We've talked about that. When she's with us, she pretends to eat healthy. But, the volume and richness of the foods she eats is her undoing. That and no physical activity. She works full time, teaches 5th grade in at a Risk Area in Baltimore. She's attending grad school working on her masters, and truly has no time given the hours she puts in to join a club to exercise. The neighborhood isn't one where you can safely go outside and take a walk. It's gotten difficult for us even to talk to her about it.

    How can we encourage her, without her feeling like we're being critical?

    I wish you the very best of luck and wish your family were supportive.

    came here via AFTR

  6. Oh no! Did we get the problem resolved for you with the log in at Wii Mommies? Girlfriend we are all in the same boat!! It seems as if the rest of the family just doesn't cooperate..and you can set as many goals for yourself as you want to... but if you aren't supported by the people around you it feels like such frivolity.

    Please email me j.jenn at gmail dot com and let me know if there is anything I can do... and let's see if we can't get you logged into the forum!

  7. Auntie E - I think you are very smart to recognize that you need the support of others rather than fooling yourself into thinking you can do it alone, or using the lack of support as an easy excuse to give up. So please know that you are one smart lady to post this. And keep up the good work. Come visit the Bumbles any time you need a cheerleader or a good laugh - it took us several years but by going to the gym together and using The Best Life Diet book to learn about good eating habits my hubby and I have lost weight, kept it off, and most importantly his cholesterol will not require medication after all! The best advice I can give you is to set a routine for yourself (both exercise and food prep.) and stick to it - your family should respect it and if they don't - too bad for them.

  8. I'm trying to get fit too. We can do it!