Saturday, May 30, 2009

Splenda or Soy Protein?

As I posted in Fitness Friday I was using an online service for weight lost. This is a story of the problems I had been having with certain diet food ingredients.

I was eating Melaluca food products mixed with normal food. I was having problems with my eyes. I had bad skin scales and flaking dry cell. My eyes always looked like I was being beaten! I went to all kinds of doctors,No one could find the source. I had been on Adkins for over a year. so I started looking at food sources. At first I thought it was Splenda (sucralose). I didn't eat any more Products with Sucralose in it. Notice the eyes were clearing up. Went back to my old ways of eating. gained some weight, then went with Melaleuca Plan. Lo and behold the eye issue came back. This shocked me because I was not eating anything with Splenda(Sucralose) in it! It has been a few months since I canceled the Online service. Notice my eyes are doing well. all the scales and flaking skin gone. So, now I look at the common ingredients in the products. Soy protein is the main one. A few weeks ago I started the Protein drinks up again and this week I notice the eye thing starting back. I have stopped now before it gets bad. The only thing I can be sure of is no Splenda or Soy products for me!

Since all the healthy Diet protein bars, drinks, mixes, powder, and candy all have one or all of those products in them. I started creating recipes with high protein and low in fats. Making healthier recipes out of Old Favorites. There in lies the creation of the Other Blog ; Auntie E's CookBook.


  1. Having eye problem is ready the painful experience.
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  2. Avoid ALL synthetic sweeteners. Use raw honey and keep it to a minimum. Eat only REAL, WHOLE foods; avoid processed, packaged, and "diet" foods. If you eat raw fruits and veggies, beans, legumes, brown rice, and water do drink, you will feel better and should lose weight. I am not a doctor, but these are my personal opinions.
    Look at Better living with Whole Foods:

  3. Wow! I love that you're creating Auntie E's Cookbook! That's sure to provide the world with wonderful, healthy recipes!