Thursday, May 21, 2009

Traffic down? Is It True...

I have notice a declining of Blog Traffic. Comments are very hard to get on Blogs of this type. I guess it is a true fact that Health and being fit is not a High Concern with Americans. With all the get thin quick pills and food (fat) blockers pills, People think that they are okay. Can eat whatever and take a pill or drink and be fine. I wish that were the case!!
Even they know deep down that being fit is not just Weight issues or taking pills. Being fit has to do with Our Life Styles.
Years ago we, as Americans, Cooked our own food from scratch. Walked More and Jogged better. Nowadays we are told by the media ..Running is not as beneficial as once thought.... A new drug for weight control is more Chocolate(I like that one, lol) .....Drink Wine...Don't Drink wine... and the list goes on. Maybe it is too much TV, too many Fast food Choices, and Too any Info-commercial that has brought us to this place.
Now is the time to start really paying attention to our bodies. We all have different shapes so we all can not be Skinny- Twiggy's . However we can slow down on the lifestyle that got us here. Maybe the recession will not be too bad. It can give us all a wake up call. I for one would like to live until I am 125 years old. How awesome would that be!!


  1. Nope I don't think I would like to live that long, but I really should stop some of my bad habits so I can at least live as long as my grandma did 84, I've already passed my Mom's age she was 45 and am close to my Fathers, he was 56 or 57 can't remember which I'd be happy with maybe 25 more years so long as I can get around.

  2. So many changes in normal routine for the average person in the last generation or so. I remember when I was a kid, we would walk a few blocks to the grocery store, the drug store, or to get a treat like ice cream (ok, I didn't say we were perfect) but today, the idea of walking anywhere is beyond the scope of most people.
    Recreation was playing baseball, football, whatever. It wasn't organized, like a weekly event, instead it was neighborhood kids on a daily basis. Today, my nephew plays with his friends in online games.
    It's a different world, and like you suggest, too many look for the quick fix, the magic pill.