Friday, February 26, 2010

Aloha Friday-Food Plans.

Kailani over it An Island Life is the original host of Aloha Friday, A day to take it easy a surf the air waves answering question. Because there are so many linked on her site I have a Mcklinky so I can visit those who visit me.I try to visit all links on her site however I found that some do not like to visit others. Therefore I visit those who have visited me in the past and those who leave their link.

Here is your Question:
Do you follow a food plan?
Some people are on the Adkins or SouthBeach food plan. There are so many out there; Jenny Graig, Weight Watcher, Nutrasystem, and others. My hubby wants to start the Adkins again, I'm more of a SouthBeach person. Then again I like to watch my amount and sugar intake and just wing it..
So which one are you?


  1. NOT Me but hubby is a sorta atkins watching the sugar intake diet. Eating healthy cutting out the whites.

  2. I do weight watchers. I lost a lot of weight in it and I love it. :)

  3. no plan for me... although i need one!
    i know what you mean about some not visiting back... that really bugs me! i was actually just thinking about that before i came to your blog..

  4. No I don't. Sometimes my husband will do Atkins for a bit but that's about it.