Monday, February 1, 2010

Not For My Home, Give me the old ones back!

This is the light bulb that I used to replace the old ones in my hallway chandelier. It was suppose to last five times longer than the older bulbs. Now the older bulbs last about 1 year. Two weeks after putting these in, they quit working! I just sent hubby out to get new ones....the old kind. We so want to go green on the lights, however I have not had good luck with these types. So tell me any good ones for the chandeliers.


  1. Sorry about your luck we have the bigger spiral looking ones and they work great. We have only had one go out on us in the five years we have been using them. I don't know about the smaller ones. Did you try taking them back maybe you had a bad batch?

  2. I refuse to use CFL's in my home, and only use the old ones. I can't say whether they last longer or not, but the new kind (CFL) are dangerous for our landfills. They contain mercury, and most people just throw them in the trash like any other bulb. If they break, they leak hazardous mercury. When they are all together in the landfill, they will be leaking it into the ground.

    I personally don't think that is very "Green" of them!