Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The sun is back out, Our solar is working great. We received our Power bill last Friday. With all the blizzards and snow on the roof, my thoughts was it will be high. What a surprise to see it was lower than the month before.
We did use the Pellet stove throughout both storms. Left it on low with the whole house fan on. Which must of really helped with the bill. All our news stations kept telling folks, "Your bills will be higher, due to the storms and every one home". Their thought was all the kids and workers home for days, not able to go out. The temps were in arctic numbers during the whole time.

We did not get any sun power for about four days. It took more than a week for all the snow to melt off the panels.Now that the snow is off the roof and Panels, we are receiving sun power again.
Hubby wants to also go Geothermal soon. Once we make that conversion then we will be using almost no electrical power from the Power company. With the Solar and Geothermal combined, we will be a very Green home.
Photo icon from SunPower, our solar company.

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  1. It's nice to see those lowered bills and it's great you got those panels cleared, hope your bushes didn't receive much damage.