Monday, February 8, 2010

38.3 inches of snow!

That was the official snow total for our town! I Haven't recalled a blizzard like this in a long time. When I was a teenager, back in the 1960, we had a blizzard in Rochester New York. I remember having Snow-cream and helping my brother deliver newspapers. Going to see a friend at the hospital, he was there due to Frostbite. My Brother and I took the bus, we could hardly see our hands in front of us. However the buses where still running. We managed to get out of the house and down the street.
Yesterday we couldn't even get out of the house or down the street. All the transportation has ceased and our street looked like a winter snow village. Everyone was out digging out runs for their dogs, kids were building tunnels and igloos and Adults were digging cars out. Of course we can not go anywhere, our road is still under 30 inches of snow and getting more compacted. This is the north pole syndrome. We need our skis, snowshoes and dog sleds to get around. Maybe this is the time to purchase that snowmobile, it would come in handy. We are expecting more this Tuesday, about 6 inches!
this is our North Pole Look....


  1. I know it can't be easy to live with, but it sure does look beautiful!

  2. Wow. I would love to get just 2 inches of snow...

  3. wow! it's a heavy snow! i would love to experience the same thing...Filipino's always dream of having snow in our country but it's too far to impossible:D

  4. wow, it looks so beautiful...can we barter? hehehe