Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Words-The Thaw... all around

Last night I watched the Women Curling, I was very impressed with Japan. Those ladies really had power and control of the rock. The US team..Not so great. The rock was slow and the team seemed to not be aggressive. I hope they get their act together for today's game at 12:00 EST. USA play against Canada.
Also watched the Men Single ice skating. What going on with the ice machines. They have been having problem since the beginning. One of our speed skaters withdrew because of the ice conditions. Think the Olympic host needs to get it fixed. How do they expect skaters to do well if the ice is melting and can not be re smoothed. One would think a place that is used to winter sports could do better. I fear we will not do well in the ice events if this continues.
School is finally in. They had a two hour delay today. Hubby drove Daughter to school. Said the roads at the school were icy and still had piles of snow around. More snow predicted for the weekend. The sun is suppose to be out the rest of the week. We had over 80 inch of snow the the piles are about 3 to 6 feet tall. So that means it will take a long time to melt. I did not tough the back yard and I am finally seeing the grass peak through. Still high in some areas.
My Laundry days are back to normal, okay I admit I'm blogging and hubby is doing laundry. However I will be getting back to it soon.


  1. Dang, I'm guessing we lost to Japan in curling, eh? I was watching and we were winning for awhile. Sigh. They better step it up.

  2. Am soooooooo tired of this snow. Waiting til Spring...counting the days.