Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Upcycling- New or Old?

I keeping hearing this upcycle term. Oh yes it's making an appearance, but is it new. We have re-gifting and recyling, pack rats and just people who can't get rid of anything. You know the old saying " I might be able to use it again in some other way". Well this term Upcycle is that other way.
Coined by William McDonaugh and Michael Braungart. Upcycle is a process of converting an old material into something of similar or greater value, giving it a second life. By doing this we can reduce the amount of energy used. saving the environment from air and water pollution, and even green house gas emissions. Let's say instead of throwing away those gum wrappers, we create something to use. Remember how we use to fold and make a now named origami type chains. Then turning it into a necklace, bracelet or ring. Yes we never threw away any gum wrappers.(the beginning of the Pack Rat cycle).

How about this.....
for only 113.00 one can buy this purse. made from over 4000 candy wrappers.
Who knew the skill taught to us kids could make us Real money. This trend is getting big now. We are starting to see the Upcycle stuff in the store this season. I found this bag and many more thing on Shopzilla. So let's get started on Upcycling the items we find no longer needed. You just watch it take off. And for heaven sake don't throw out those Gum and Candy wrappers! We need to teach other children the gum wrapper art. so they can support us!
Here's a short video on how to make the Gum Wrapper Chain. Grab the kids and learn the money making art. Who know maybe the TV will be off more, saving even more energy.


  1. We used to do that alot when we were kids. I think are family is going to go upcycle because it is green and we can make some green out of it, unlike decades ago when all you got were weird looks from what you made from trash.

  2. What a neat idea! I didn't think that gum wrappers could become anything so cool looking. I am glad I found this.