Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Fit with the Wii.

Here we are after Two weekends of Pizza and Birthday cake....I think that Wii board is calling me.
We purchased the board last year. Have to admit I like it. It's the only way I can skateboard, snowboard and skiing downhill with out being killed or breaking bones. I really love the balance games. My favorite is the one where you balance the balls and move slightly to drop them through the holes to different levels. with each level you get more balls added. the music makes it more intense with each level. Just don't be standing by me when I get to the higher levels, it can get wild!

While out shopping for presents we spotted a riser for the board. Thinking of getting one, anyone have a riser? I like doing stepping with the board. Jillian Michaels has a fitness Wii DVD. She is the trainer on The Biggest Loser. Notice she uses the step riser in her program. I think I'll get a better workout with the stepper riser. Now I do not have her DVD. Have Wii Fit, Wii fit plus and EA-Active. These keep me busy. Does any one have Jillian's DVD?

I like to use the Wii to exercise because you never get bored, there are always different mimis helping you along. I have several, Jesus (He keeps me honest), Chuck Norris( Oh he's the Guru of fitness), My Dad (you know when dad's there,it must be done), and my family and their friends (now that is just to feel young again). I need to add some more, Who do you have on your Wii team? Or who would you like to have on that team?
Photo courtesy of goggle products


  1. I have been thinking of getting a Wii. I'm glad you like it, as I'm sure I will too. Here from CMF.