Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday's Words-Drink Soda or Not?

I have been under the weather for about two weeks. It started out with a cold and then it went into my head and sinuses. I do not seemed to be able to shake it off, no I know it is not an infection. Just a miserable head cold. We seem to be passing it back and forth in this household.. I will need to start that spring cleaning now! I am starting to feel better and now my daughter is getting it. Hubby is getting better also.
I heard a statement on the News that children are getting the flu shot and now the Swine flu (H1N1) is on the decline. They believe by giving the vaccine to the children the spreading of the H1Ni flu has been effected. I guess that is good, however usually the kids bring the viruses home from school. So this is no big surprise to me.
I also heard a study on drinking wine instead of soda pop can help one loose weight.... Oh, now that was interesting. Let see if you replace the once a day soda with a glass of wine you will have cut you calorie intake down. Most people drink about 2 to 3 (12oz) sodas a day. Just having one can per day for 1 year a person will gain ten pounds and that was with exercise. Now if that won't get you to stop consuming soda how about this; soda has been linked to Pancreatic cancer. A new study has linked the drinking of 2 or more(12 oz) per day of the sugary drink to an 87% change of getting pancreatic cancer. It seems the sugar is the blame, since the pancreas work on supplying the body with the insulin. The sugar is thought to increase the cancer cell production in the pancreas.
Now we know that our children are the ones who consume the most sodas. Some time ago I stop buying soda and opt to drink water instead. It saved on money and now it seems to have saved on Health. The government is deciding whether to tax soda now. Their belief is if they tax it like tobacco then less people will buy it.
What do you think? Should soda pop be taxed, what about the cancer link and weight gain.
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  1. You are so right in your thoughts about soda tax. In my blog I tried to see the hazards to aspartame and high concentrated fructose or corn syrup.Both very dangerous items present in soda pop.
    Although taxing those items would not help, still one need to get educate about those hazards.
    Check my blog for information

  2. I personally would LOVE to see a tax on soda. They tax fuel, cigarettes, alcohol, why not soda? The government taxes the items that are harmful to our existence. I think we are a gluttonous society and its sad we do not take better care of ourselves. But who knows. Great post!

  3. tax on soda? i have mixed reactions on this. it would be nice coz it could act as a deterrent for some people from drinking a lot but i'd like to have soda with some kind of foods.

    information dissemination should help, i guess.

  4. For once I don't feel threatened by the latest research - I don't drink much soda, my blood sugar is well into the normal range, and I do drink a glass of wine a day. :)

  5. My son stopped drinkings soda about 5 yrs ago. On his own, quit cold turkey when the doc said he needed to lose 20 lbs. He was about 11 yrs old. The first year just cutting out pop alone he lost 18 lbs.

    Me and my two daughters followed suit and quit that year (after he did) and none of us have went back. It's horrible for your body and mind really. And diet pop is being studied in it's relationship to brain tumors at the Cleveland Clinic.

    Drink water or lemonade it's way better.