Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fitness Log- A Good Idea

I started a Fitness Log Blog. Decided to make it an invite only blog. One thing I like to share on "Living healthy with Auntie E" is the how tos' on getting healthy. Trying to change the pattern of eating habits and over all unhealthier ones is a personal thing. I have all the knowledge one needs to get on the wagon, however getting on and staying on is not easy.

Starting a Fitness log and daily logging your food and exercise can be a good start to changing patterns. If you want to support and follow my journey to a healthier me, E-mail me with your request. I will be glad to give you access to my Fitness Log Blog. All I need is your e-mail address and I will send you an invite.

However I want to make this clear, this invite is only for those who want to give support and advice to me in comments. Those who want to have a personal health relationship with me, who want to see someone succeed in getting healthier. If you are ready to get on the wagon, I also invited you to join me. This is a real struggle for many and it is not easy to do it alone. Who likes going to those meeting where you say " Hi I'm Auntie E and I have an eating problem".... I really do not like that kind of thing, too public for me.
However with that said.. I would love to step out of this house one day and have folks to say " Who is that".. A new healthier me that's who.

I little about Auntie E's Fitness Log. On the blog you will find, the stats on what my intake should be and how much exercising I need. There will be Daily food and exercise logging. I will journal about my ups and downs, new things that help me and my thoughts on daily struggles. Being honest is the key to getting healthy and some times the honesty is not pretty. I do want to be more open on the Log blog and share more of my struggles and how I think I got here.

So, Let me know if you want an invite. Leave your e-mail in the comments and your request. Thank you for your support.

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  1. What a great idea! I need to do this as my work out routine/schedule is so inconsistent. I usually do well until I go out of town or on a vacation and then I just quit and usually for a long time. If I wrote down what I did, I think I would feel more inclined to stuck with my program!