Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday follows & Aloha fridays- Painting

Yesterday I posted about how I started on the Green trail. So, today I thought of asking a question about Painting. One of my Nephews bought a New home recently and the painting process has started. First thing what Color then the trusty paint.

Your questions:

1.How do you decide color?
2.What brand of paint do you use?
3.Did you ever think about the ingredients in the paint product?

Start Thinking Green, it's good for the Mind.

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  1. Happy Friday Follow! Visiting and following from FF. As for Aloha Friday, I've not painted in so long that I couldn't tell you.

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    ~ Lynn

  2. Benjamin Moore works best for me and in a color that I am happy to know others would enjoy if I had to sell my home.

    Have a great Friday!

  3. Great question...more and more I am aware of the use of lead and I would look for that.

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  5. I am not nearly as green as I should be LOL
    For color I just choose whatever I feel I like. My living room is green, bedroom is fuschia, bathroom is blue and little girl's room is light purple!

    For the ingredients, I do not pay attention to that. I don't really know how the ingredients in the paint affects anything really.....I am just uneducated I guess.

  6. I don't, my wife does. :) I learned that early in marriage. She does a great job with her choices so I can't complain. Happy Friday!

  7. 1.I get idea for color by looking at different design sites online.
    2. Usually whatever is cheapest
    3.Honestly? No.

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  8. I just stopped by to wish a happy weekend!


  9. Good Morning! Happy Friday Follow! I am your newest Follower!
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    The Groschen Goblins

  10. I've not painted for ages either, but I tend to study the room with a hand full of colour charts and then just go for the make i see first. i can't say I've ever thought about what goes in paint though

  11. I have never thought of ingredients and I really have a hard time picking colors. I try to make it easy and not a long process. I like how it turned out! I think you stopped by my blog and when I click on your name it doesn't let me come to your blog so you should change your settings to show your blog in your profile! I found you off of another blog with wordpress!
    Have a great Friday!

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  13. Thank you so much for your comment for our beloved Coco. It means a lot - really!

  14. I've never had to paint my home (inside or out) so I never really gave it much thought. I wouldn't mind painting the girls' rooms pink or lavendar.

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  16. I usually match it based on whats in my room already! and get a one coat paint if i can so less hassle.

    good luck with your painting

    Tina from
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    Game FreakZ

  17. We don't own our own home so the only painting that gets done here is poster paints on butcher's paper by my four and six-year-olds.

    Following you back from FF and Aloha Friday.


  18. Hmmmm, usually we paint. Let it dry. Step back. Take a long look. Then hate the color. lol