Thursday, March 25, 2010

Start Living Greener--- How?

Want to jump on the green Scene but not sure how to start living Green? I found just starting with one item will begin the process. Let's look at an easy place to start.... where you shop. Most Store are taking the green turn nowadays, you can see the be greener sign all around. Choosing one item that is greener can be a beginning. Perhaps you can replace one product with an greener version. That's all it takes to begin the greener journey.
I would like to tell you how I started. Two years ago, after my Mom died of cancer, we needed to repaint some rooms. Cancer had been a large part of my life for about 2 years prior. I never thought about the environment and cancer as being connected. After learning that Environmental things are the cause for some cancers, I got to thinking about my home environment. The products we put on the walls, are they healthy?
Searching for the answers, I learn that Paint has additives that are known to cause cancer. We spend more time in our home with our children, shouldn't it be a healthy place. We changed our regular paint brand choice with one that had none of the cancer causing additives. Yes I was skeptic at first, Will it cover the wall and be durable. Well it has been two years and the paint is still on the walls, the color has not changed and most importantly there are no cancer causing additives airborne is the home.
Now I know you want to ask how I know the color is the same. Well, a few months ago I needed to do some touch up around a new thermostat that replaced our old one. I had to buy some new paint, same color. I painted it and no one could tell I did. Hubby didn't even know the thermostat was even smaller. I had to point it out to him, he was amazed that the color blending into the whole wall. He didn't even know I painted cause there was no smell.
I started with the paint and move on to more greener products. In two year I now wash, bath, and shop with a greener view.


  1. Great tip... to start small and take it one step at a time. I think sometimes changing to an entirely green lifestyle is overwhelming, but one step at a time seems much more manageable.

  2. Found you via Friday Follow! Hope you have a great weekened!