Saturday, March 20, 2010

Answer to friday's Question

Yes, everyone was right! One should weight Weekly. The Calorie intake varies from day to day. At the end of the week one will loose about 1.5 lbs. Now with that said a better way is to step on the scales every two weeks. I know when we are trying to loose the weight we want to step on more. However, the real measurement is your clothes. One will notice that those pants feel better or your arm fell great not to tight in that shirt.
What is the desired method of loosing weight and inches? Take the weight goal you have, let's say 140 lbs, multiply that by ten. That will give you 1400, this is the amount of calories you should consume in one day.
The next thing to do is Log the calories you intake each day. If you are not eating that many calories in a day, you will need to get there. This is the key, one must eat the caloric amount to get the body out of the starvation mode. This will take about a week or two. At that time the brain will reprogram itself and stop storing fat, for that raining day it thinks you will have (no food). Our body is programed that way to get us through famines.
So the reprogramming of the mind and our changing in the thoughts of dieting will help one to succeed in our weight lose. Now one must continue to eat their caloric amount forever. Once you are doing that, when you get to your desired weight, and you will, you will be able to maintain it.
Next weeks Friday question will be on exercising.

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