Sunday, March 7, 2010

How do they do that?-Leaving Links in Comments.

Ever wonder how someone can leave a true link in a comment? I had several folks do this, so one day I tried a few things and came up with a way. Now I know some blogger have that Comment Luv program. However I have not been able to enable it on my blogs. This is the next better thing.
  • First copy your post link to your clipboard
  • Then open a New posting window.
  • Once in the window. Type your link title; ie: "My Friday link for You"
  • Next highlight your link title and click on insert link. I have an icon in bloggers tool bar.
  • Right click in the box and click Paste.
  • Now save the post. I have a post date of some year like 2017, that way it is always on the top of my post list. If I accidentally click post and it does post on the blog, I can fix it to save again.
  • Open the post up in the Edit Html mode. Highlight the entire link. and when you visit other blogs you can, after typing your comment, right click and paste in their comment box underneath your comment.
I found it easier to do than always typing in the html. This way I leave my photo icon plus a way for someone to visit if they wish. You can continue to use this link by return to it and changing the link when needed. Have fun commenting today.


  1. It's handy to put links in comments, but I think it's best if they're kept to a minimum and preferably relevant to the post.

    They're set to rel="nofollow" so there's no SEO benefit and the benefit received by other links is diluted.

    Sometimes links can make comments look untidy. What do you think of the comment links in my latest post?

  2. John I agree, there are way too many links left sometimes. Leaving links should be only used for a particular post and not just for traffic. I found sometime when a linky has over 100 links it is hard to find the ones that visited for you to return the comment. That Is the only time I leave links.

  3. Thank you so much for this! I don't want to leave my link every time, but if a post is particularly relevant, I do!
    Thanks for the let's see if it work.

    Cynical Musings of a Military Wife