Monday, February 15, 2010

Global Warming You Say

My brother lives in West Virginia on a five acre lot. He called this weekend and told me the deer could not even walk in their yard. His garage door decided to spring it's spring. Because the snow is so deep the repair folks can not get to him. Thankfully they had two cars buried out in the snow. We all here in the east coast are now digging out.
So..Now what about this Global warming? I have heard it said " thank God for the global warmer just imagine what the snow amount would be with out it". Also others have blogged about this global warming syndrome.
The global warming debate will continue to go on for years to come. People will still be blogging about it, Senate and Congress will be holding hearings on it, the former VP Al Gore will still be presenting his case to the world and people will still be skeptical.
In a world of changes, we seem to be on a cycle of nature. Who's to say this is not just a 100 year cycle of earth. We do not have very creditable information from the time of old. All the writings are mostly in question and history seem to change its self as we travel down the time line. All I know is I do remember snow storms and weather record breaking things during my half a century plus living. I have lived around the world and in every state or country there has been at least one unheard of weather event.
So as for Global Warming, I am not saying it is or isn't a valid answer. Just remember People pinned that term and created the thought pattern. For all we know it could be The Earths Hundred Plus Year Cycle. A new term pinned by me, I think unless someone else pinned it first.
Photo from First Friday Collective posted 11/10 2008 .


  1. I'm with you on this and have been on that boat since I first heard of 'Global Warming'. The only FACT I see in all of this is that Al Gore has made $$$ from this scare tactic for the weak minded.

  2. Global warming does not necessarily mean you yourself will experience warmer temperatures. It means we as a world will experience drastic climate shifts and changes to traditional weather patterns.

    It is an unfortunate for the condition that "Warming" is used in the name because it gives off the simplistic notion that if there is snow in your front yard it isn't happening. But the sheer craziness of this winter across the United States is potentially very much a cause of global warming.

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