Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Vacations Complete with Exercise.

Most people go on relaxing vacations. I have done that many times. Tendency to come back 10+ pounds more is great! This year Our Family Vacation will be complete with plenty of Exercise.
I thought I would introduce you to some of my other Blogs here.
At Home with Auntie E is the first. Now on that blog I have shared about this up coming trip. I even have a countdown on it. I will put some link at the end of this Post for you. I will be posting some photos and info while we are on the trip.
Auntie E's Yard and Garden, this one will be showing some of the beautiful cactus and various Gardens we visit while on the trip. Be sure to check it out in July for the upcoming photos and post.
Auntie E's CookBook, Oh.. all the food we will be enjoying. I will be sure to acquire some recipes to post. I post recipes that are healthy and easy to prepare. Sometime I do post a unique recipe that I truly Love to eat!!
Book reviews by Auntie E, will be taking books to read on the plane rides and airports. I have a least 3 on my list. I am sure I will be picking up some books while on the trip.
Finally This, Ready 2 Get Fit site, Our trip will be starting in Colorado. All the Mountain climbing, Rafting and Walking will surely keep us fit. Then to the Grand canyon area.... California...Desert... and then to a Surprise stop with all kinds of physical activities. I will be blogging about all of it.
If you visited my At Home site, you know I received a Netbook(RUBY) for Mothers Day. I will be taking that. With the car adapter and AT&T network plug in, I will be set!! READY, SET, LET'S ROW!
Links to post about this trip
Traveling 2 the West...Here we Come
Trip out West

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  1. I am glad you shared you other blogs. I will have to check them out. Hope your upcoming trip is a blast!