Saturday, June 27, 2009

On-Line Health fitness Sites {part 2}

Today I found a site with different tickers. I really liked the choice and lay out of the tickers. is a site with all sorts of resources, as well as Advice Blogs. It looks like they have been in existence since 2004. The membership is Free. The Sites tabs include, Community, Parenting, Pregnancy, Family, Entertainment, At Home, Health, and Savings.
The Community tab takes you to Forums, tickers, a Members directory and Who's online. Here you can read and post in the forum, learn the members and see how active they are.
Click on Parenting and your choices are from Parenthood in all circumstances to Education (even homeschooling). They even have a Parenting Forum.
Pregnancy offers a Blog, Counters and a forum. Family stretches from Single-Parent to Marriage. there is also Blogs relating to Christian, Jewish and Latter Day Saints families. This also has a Family Forum.
In the entertainment section you will find, Places to go, notes on Pop Culture, Scrapbooking tips, Information on photography, Media reviews, and an Entertainment Forum. Once in the Forum you can find info about Games, Movies, Hobbies, Sports, TV and they even have a Book Club.
At home Covers things from changing Furniture, Painting rooms, to Outdoor Stuff. There are even recipes to try.
Savings has Coupons you can print, Rebate info and Hot deals you can get.

Now let get into the Health part; Health advice, Mental health, fitness, weightloss and health forums are showcased. I like this part because there is advice on how to get teens to eat Breakfast {now you know us with teens have that problem}, A quick way to stop Snoring { No more sleepless night,hehe}, and much more info on health related things. The fitness/ weight loss parts have articles on excerising in our yard, on vacation or anywhere else. Here's one we all can use " How to Keep Skin Tight While Losing weight".
Anyway you look at it the Web has all storts of help, encouragement and infomation for us to achieve a Healthier Life Style.

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