Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bogging back Time-My First Pet.

It's Thursday, time for If I could Blog back time. I really like this Meme because it makes me dig back in my old memories. In this Fast paced time it is so easy to forget the past. To not allow myself the luxury of dementia ,which is nice when you have teens, I need to keep the mind filled and working. SO, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN IN? Go over to THE DINER and Sign in.
Today's topic: My First Pet .

My first pet. Our family had many pets; a Bunny , Cats, Chickens to list a few. However they were not mine. I walked to High school each day, one day I found this little kitten abandon. so, I brought it home. We already had a Siamese Cat and they family was not pleased to have another. My Grandmother was living with us then and she chime in for me. The family let me keep the cat. I name it and It was all mine!
Now here comes the story of that cat....First of all the Siamese had to get use to her. Once that happened the Siamese felt like he had to teach her how the defend herself. My Cat was wise (I was the only one who thought this) she would go outside and pick a fight, then yell and the Siamese would come and save the day!
My cat did not know how to eat. She would gulp everything. One day my grandmother put out some cheese on the counter. Granny went to do something came back and the cheese was gone, this was in a short time. Granny was convinced one of us kids ate the cheese, when low and behold here comes my cat... with a belly distended and swaying back and forth. You could actually see the outline of the cheese block.
I will tell you to this day My cat is referred to as "the dumbest cat ever". It has been given that nick name. To this Day my cat is talked about! Now I ask you How Dumb is that? She figured out how to keep her 9 lives alive forever! I believe when I am long gone " the Dumbest cat" legacy will still live on!


  1. Great story. Thank you for participating.

  2. Oh, that's a cute story!! Love the photos too--how precious to have those.

  3. I really enjoyed your story..^^

  4. what a nice memory. my first pet wasnt as exciting as a cat. it was a fish!