Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Post

It's Monday hubby and Dad are busy replacing a sump pump, Daughter and I are getting ready to exercise in the pool temp is high 80's. Did anyone watch that ABC show last night,Called" IMPACT". They dared to bait and Hook us like fish, hehe. Now to see the rest we have to wait till next Sunday,What is that!!!! I'll forget all about it by then. We are so disappointed in the ABC Network, I fought to stay awake just to learn I'll have to wait seven days to see the conclusion. Hubby and Dad said it was not worth it. What do you think...Will you make a point to see the conclusion?
Well off to exercise..hope to hear from you all.
If you didn't see it here's the Promo


  1. I was going to watch it until I looked and saw that the second part wasnt going to be on the next I watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels instead lol

  2. interesting................. video