Tuesday, June 1, 2010

VSR-Flooring Completed

Over the weekend we put the floor in. We used a recycled-green friendly underlayment From Precision Components. It had its own seam tape included in the product, was easy to install. Since we were putting in a wood floor in an upstairs place, I felt we need a sound deadening underlayment. This one use both sound proof and moisture barrier , great for the Bamboo floor.
The Floor is a Stranded Bamboo with a striated pattern from Teragren. The flooring is harder than Oak and Maple. It was very easy to install. We used a carbide tip to cut, and when we used the sliding compound miter the board were cut upsided down to prevent the edges for chipping. when we used the Bench saw, also with a carbide tip blade, it was cut face up. We had very smooth edges. A scribe saw was used for the vent cut out. Still we had smooth edges.
The flooring part of the Project took us 16 hours. That included the Planning and discussion on each row lay out. Since we wanted as little waste as possible and still stay within the company's guide line on placement. The room size is 10 x 11 foot. We had one closet, one vent and a door way to maneuver.
The cost.....We went to a flooring store to get an estimate on the same flooring to be installed by them. Their cost was 2900.00. We purchased the flooring from the manufacture- Teragren- distributor. The flooring cost was 886.00. We picked it up 6 boxes, 6 panels in each box, at the Distributors Warehouse in Baltimore. The underlayment cost 90.00 at our Home Improvement store. So our savings installing it ourselves was 1924.00.
I have installed, Pergo and Shaw flooring, all click and drop floors. This Stranded Bamboo click and drop floating floor was the easiest yet to install. With the other ones once you click in the floor you can not un-click them or move them easily. With the Teragren Synergy click and drop flooring , the install was very easy and you could adjust easily. However once the floor was in it is very strong. You can not even see the length wise seems of the boards. I am very impressed with this product.
You can click on the photos to enlarge.
this is the view from the doorway looking toward the window and vent.

This is looking toward the mural and into the closet.

Another sneak peek at the mural

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