Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Vintage Sewing Room Project.

So now the closet is in and the room is nearing completion. I was really surprised and pleased with the closet install. We chose Closet America for the closet. Our Designer came to the home and we design the closet to meet my needs. Seeing that it is a Sewing room, I needed drawers for Cloth, thread, and other notions. A hanging area for long things and a Pull out Butler Valet bar. Jeff installed the closet in about 3 hours and it went very smooth. He totally cleaned up when finished. We really love the workmanship of the built-in, it is made in America and locally for us. The hardware is of German made, that is the best in our eyes. The closet took about 53% of the budget, however that is the key to a neat sewing room. We need a place for everything.

click on each photo to enlarge.. for a closer view.

as you can see the fronts of the drawers have a running grain match.
I really love that.
click to enlarge, for closer view.

Hubby and I fell in love with Self closing drawers some time ago. So, we had to have them in this closet. It is standard with Closet America, so no added expense there.
hear the quietness of the close.

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