Friday, June 4, 2010

Going Green together- Monthly Updates.

So we are doing well with our solar power. Feeding the grid and using what we need. Our Utility bill was closer to 104.00 this month. That means it is going down. We haven't seen that low of a bill at all the whole time we have lived here. Mr sun is still shining on us. Our lifetime production since we started in November 2009 is 3,669 KwH. Our highest production amount in a day was 36.46 kwh. We are at present time supplying about 1/2 our power by solar.We have reduced the Carbon footprint by 3,086 pounds of CO2. Planted 68 tree seedlings. and saved the air pollution and oil consumption the equivalent of driving a standard car 6,031 miles. Not bad huh?
As for the Green bag issue... doing well on that. A few times we had to take plastic bags, however we are recycling those.
Our Rain Barrels are filled and we are using the water. Our water bill comes in quarterly so I will not be able to tell how much an impact they are for a few months.
The house Green project is coming along great. We are almost done. Our complete date is set for June the 20th. Still Under budget and loving that! Stay tune for the final photos.
We are looking into getting a thermal solar unit for our Hotwater, that should reduce our dependency on the Electric company greatly. Since heating water is a costly item.
Still looking for ways to become more independent and self sufficient by retirement age.

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