Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday's News-Honor Given

First I want to thank all the Soldiers who have served and are still serving in the Armed forces for the Untied States.. Thank you for your time away from your families to keep us a Free Country. To all the families of the Fallen Soldiers my thoughts and prayers are with you. It was a great sacrifice for your love one to have to take for our Country. May the Lord God Almighty comfort you today and always. For this day was set apart to Honor the lost ones in our Armed Forces from the Civil War to our current ones.

We have several projects going on today. There is the Vintage Sewing Room, Hubby's shed, a Cookout twice, and I'm sure as everyone has..a friend visiting for the Memorial Day.
Hubby and I are finishing laying the Bamboo floor today, should be done early. We started yesterday. Then we will start the foundation for the Shed. We will have to cookouts. One for lunch time and the one for dinner. The weather is nice today.
Hope you have a nice day and the weather allows you to visit the grave sites of the Fallen Soldiers. Take a moment to thank them for their sacrifice, their deaths are not in vane for we still enjoy the freedoms of their actions today in our land.

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