Monday, June 7, 2010

VSR-Mural Completed

Monica from Monica's Painterly Designs has completed the Mural.We meet at a Home-show fair , was impressed with her work. The thought came to me to have her do something in my Vintage Sewing Room project. Thinking through the idea I came up with a store front. My Granny (my Fathers Mother) worked as a Seamstress out of her home. They had a room added on the house for her business. She did alterations mostly, however she love to make things for us kids. I have a lot of her tools, material and items. throughout my life when we would visit I remember watching her work. Received a little sewing machine from her as a child, I remember sewing doll clothes on it. Years later while in High School, one of my classes was Sewing. Made a Plaid Cape as one of my class project, the teacher thought I was a little odd. She stated that plaid was the most difficult fabric to work with. Little did she know I love to sew and had the skill in my Genes! The Coat came out perfect and I received an A.
For my whole life I have dreamed of a Sewing Room. Now it is finally happening. This Store Front Mural is what I think my Granny would of loved to have.

Granny's home was Brick built in the 1950's. She would sit at the window sewing on her machine . Always seeing who was coming up to the home. Grandpa loved his garden, he would be out tending the plants. What is more fitting then to have a market with all the things he loved to grow. Tommy was so funny. My Mom loved parks, she would take my brother and I to one near by. Mom also visited Granny a lot, Granny would do some alterations for her. Granny lived on Springfield Ave and Mom was born in Berkley, Virginia. All these elements are in the Mural. Although the house is gone and Moms birth town is but a speck, each time I will go into the Sewing room, my memories of great life and times will be there. I might even be inspired from my Granny's spirit to try some new things.

In progress collage.
(you can click on the photos to enlarge)

The finished Green Mural project.
all the paints used were No or Low VOCs

We just picked up the Mirror Closet doors..Our next step to install them.
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  1. What a wonderful project and congratulations on getting your own sewing room. My grandma was crafty too. She loved to knit and quilt. I would love to try something like a collage to preserve all of my memories of childhood.