Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Fit

Welcome to My Blog. I have been on a Yoyo path for many years. Twenty seven to be honest. Have always felt Like I had a weight problem. So, in that one is apt to fail.
I believe when one Learns and accepts their body type then the real loss can happen.
It took me years to finally realize that. I am at that place.
I have a stomach,all the women in my family tree do. My figure is hour glass. the scales seem to weigh on the heavier side of the recommended weight. I do not look what the scales say.
There are no excuses for my weight issues. However there are circumstances. In the 1980s I was diagnosed with endometriois . A decease of the endocrine system. I went though several surgeries and was put on Drugs to kill the decease. One of the side effect of the drugs were weight gain. And I did gain. Another one was Bone Growth. My bones did grow, Shoulders broadened and Breast plate enlarged. Bones add weight to ones scale.for 10 years I was on and off of meds.
I took fertility drugs during that time. I gain pounds and no children born alive.
In the 90s' I had a Total hysterectomy. I never felt better then I did at that time, health wise.
I blog this to tell you, I am at a point in my life to change my pattern, to get healthier.
I will be using the Wii Fit and Pilates with Weekly outside Activities. Blogging Recipes I find helpful in my path to Health.
Check in to see how I am doing.

From left to right: Cousin George,his daughter,My Mom Maureen, Georges' wife Susan, Me Auntie E and Georges Son-n-law

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