Friday, March 20, 2009

Fitness Friday 2 Day

Been working with the Wii Fit program and Tying to control my food intake. The exercise is going great. Loving the Wii fit. This week I loss 2.2lbs, surprised! Felt so guilty because St Patrick's Day(week),Family Birthday Week and family pressing to eat out. All that Food, Calling Pizza was big on the family request. Believe they asked every day! Now how is one suppose to stay fit,I ask? Gave in 3 times this week! Guess I'll have to learn to hate Pizza. So,I won't want to eat so much of it. Just can not resist it. There will be no Pizza next week. Reading this Family?;-0 Do not ask:->
Any suggestion on pizza alternatives? Stay Healthy Minded.


  1. I wish I had pizza alternatives...I love it. I just try to avoid it, but splurge every so often. I think the next time I have it I will try eating a slice and then later on having another slice...or work out before I eat to get my metabolism going.

    Anways...sounds like you did great dispite allthe pizza parties!

  2. When we order pizza I order a veggie lovers without any cheese. Thought this would be gross... but it is sooooo yummy. Hand-tossed pizza lovers from Pizza Hut comes LOADED with veggies and the cheese is hardly missed! Seriously!! I'm a cheese freak, too! I don't remember the exact WW points...but it makes it plausible to eat like 3 pieces without horrifying guilt :)