Friday, March 27, 2009

Fitness Friday -Off the Track

I haven't been active on the Wii as I should be. It did show, gained 1 lb. That is not bad,could be water gain or that extra bread I had. My daughter got the Wii Fit Bug. Thinks she is in competition with me. Not liking that. Hey, I haven't been a teen in 38 years!!! Running up to me to announce her hula hoop score,if I had a body like hers I could swing my hips like her. As I posted earlier this week I added some new characters and it is creepy to see the Lord running and Stepping with me. Adds a new meaning to the Lord is your Friend and guide. Why did I let them talk me into downloading that Mii? I can't just delete the LORD, it wouldn't be right!!Oh well I know he wants me to be fit.This is a new week. I Will Wii 30 minutes each day. I wrote (typed, Blogged) it down. Need to be reminded every day. Maybe one of my readers can remind me each day.I need outside support. Help......


  1. Haha, love that - "I can't delete the Lord!"

  2. I'm cracking up too..."Can't delete the Lord" ...

    Why don't you start a thread in the forum for whomever needs a check in for their weekly goals? Then you know you have someone to be accountable to each day! There are some other folks that have the daily goal... Gina does it regularly!

    Good Luck!! I want to see you reach your goal!!

  3. Yeah. I have him on there, too. I also have Obama and Ozzy. It's fun when Chuck Norris is my Soccer Coach. Hilarious.

  4. lol...about your teenager. That is kind of how I feel about my sisters hula hoop score...shes a gymnist so she should be able to score better! lol

  5. Miis like that crack me up too! So far I'm only in competition with DH, but my kids are little thank goodness so they can't beat me unless I am controlling their hips! Keep it up!

  6. LOL I've been reading some good stuff about wii. But for me though, I don't have a kid to use as an excuse to buy one.

    Have a great week ahead, Auntie E!

  7. Ok, so how do I get the Lord on my Wii fit game? I gotta know how to do that.

    Here is your reminder to wii fit today! :)

    Loved this post, thanks so much for playing along with oldies but goodies! Make sure you leave a link so eveyone knows it an oldie but goodie. I should have a button for it next week.

    Cant wait to see your next oldie!

    Love and Prayers,


    P.S. Email me on the Lord Mii!