Monday, March 23, 2009

Sharing the Wii.

Had Company over Sunday . They wanted to see the Wii Fit. So, to the Wii we went. I showed the exercise part. Skipped over the weight log, too Private for visitors. One of the kids thought they could do the Tree. So,I had her step on the Wii-What a Riot. the Wii lady said, Your weight has seemed to changed since the last time you stepped on. We all laughed so hard. How could she tell!! everyone asked. I guess you can not have anyone else stand in you :-). Did you know you could add other people, characters to you Wii. I did not, the kids showed me how. So, Now I have Jesus Christ (The LORD),and Chuck Norris (Walker) watching. Now I will have to work out or ELSE!!!!.

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