Thursday, June 18, 2009

A New Sweetener on the Market.

Weigh-in Wednesday was no change in the weight. However some inches were lost.
Now on to some other Info. I have been trying to be careful with the sugar intake. I am Hypoglycemic so the sugar intake must be watched carefully. the other day one of my dear friends and I were talking about alternatives in the market. A new sweetener out is Truvia, then there is Stevia. Now the two come from the same plant, Stevia (pictured above). The difference is in the ingredients, Truvia has Erythirtol and Stevia has Maltodextrin. I have been trying both of them. For Truvia I have to use the whole package(3.5gm)to satisfy my sweet taste. Stevia(1gm/package), half the package works out fine. I can even use less if adding a sweet cream to the mix.

What are these Ingredients:
"Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. It is made during a fermentation process, then it is purified. Persons suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive issues should avoid using products containing erythritol. It is possible erythritol can aggravate symptoms in these individuals or cause further problems.". It is still one of the safest sweetener on the grocery store shelves. Consumption should be limited to avoid digestive tract irritation. Can cause rumbling sound in the bowels."Children are the largest consumers of erythritol. Many teens and young children chew gum on a daily basis. If a child complains of stomach problems after chewing gum, erythritol might be the culprit"(according to ehow facts).

"Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide or polymer of carbohydrate, and is a member of the dextrin family. Dextrins are a group of carbohydrates having low molecular weight. They are produced from starch. Maltodextrin is also produced by cooking the starch, also known as hydrolysis of starch. While producing it, acid or enzymes are used for facilitating the break down of starch. Maltodextrin can be digested easily, and is available as a white powder." usually made from rice, potato or corn. It is easy to digest. Body builders who do heavy exercise or any other strenuous activity, take maltodextrin along with other nutrients, it speeds up the transportation of nutrients to the muscle tissues and cells. It also helps in the absorption of these nutrients. It is a good choice for those trying to lose 30 lbs or more. It is also used in Baby food. To this date there are no proven side effects( according to

It seem that the Stevia sweetener is the best choice for me. I have been using Sweet-n-low for years. One problem with that is it tend to slow down the digestive process. Because Stevia is a low glycemic choice, is easy to digest, and can be absorbed easily , it will not slow down my system. A little sugar is good however,we tend to overdo it without realizing it.
Just one change in a food item can help one to achieve that getting fit lifestyle.

Some Information in the article was from eHOW , SooooSweet!(photo from soooo Sweet!),and from


  1. Straight stevia is a good sweetener, but it has a slight licorice taste. Do the others have this?

  2. I talked to Bob Greene live and in person once and I asked him about this very topic. He said if sweetener is needed, he uses Splenda (which I believe is Stevia). Great post!

  3. Great choice that Stevia. I like the Stevia Plus (has some extra fiber). Gosh, it's sweet! Yum!
    Good post!