Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time 2 Get Serious- for 2day's post.

Now that my fun posts are done. Did nobody like the previous one? I like to have humor on the blog. Being serious all the time can be a downer.
My week so far is going well. I have been sticking to my New routine. I haven't been doing well with the weight lost. But now am back on the track. Will start back on the melaluca weight control plan. (more about that later). Trip to Florida Coming up end of the week. I will take my Pilates bands with me. That way I can do some on my short trip. However there will be lots a outside walking. I tend to Swell up when I walk a lot. Well that's all for now, leave a comment before you leave. Just so I'll know your stoped by. I will stop by you and comment back.


  1. Have a great trip to Florida! Good idea to take the Pilates band ~ always remember it's one day at a time & NEVER give up!!!

  2. Hi,
    Enjoy your trip to Florida. I like to have some humor. Weight loss will come with your goals. Take good care and have a great day! :-)