Friday, April 30, 2010

Wednesday's Photo Anwser.

Well, everyone who commented gave great guesses. My hubby had this thing hidden under the bed. I was doing some spring cleaning and pulled it out. Surprised that it was a solar item.
He didn't even remember getting it! I,m sure it was suppose to be a gift for Me, and He just forgot to give it to me. So I claimed it right then. "Happy Day Auntie E", I just love spring cleaning. Finding all the gifts just for Me, the Hard worker.
Our area has a problem with standing water. There is a drain area that is always wet. Mostly due to the fact we have underground springs and our basements pumps out the water from it. My neighbors is on all the time, they are lower than us. This item helps with the little blood suckers who love the water. We do have bats in our area and they work hard at dusk. Oh, You want to know the answer.

Here it is....

Yes, most of you were right.
It has a button to turn it on and off.
Mr sun will power during the day while recharging the Batteries.
The batteries will work through the night.
Then the cycle will continue.

As to the 3 in1 ... You can use this unit;
On a table with base stand.
Hang it using the wire hanger bar
Put it in the ground using the stakers
So long to the Plug in one....Mr Sun you're On!


  1. Honestly, I have never seen one. We live at the river, so this would be a welcome addition.
    Although, have you heard, for them to work best, you should put in neighbor's yard and attract all the bugs that direction.

  2. You will have to let us know if it helps!
    biting bugs can find me anywhere! I can be in a crowd & be the only one that gets bit! Must be because I am so sweet ;)