Monday, April 19, 2010

Got Evidence- Part 3- Making a Healthy Decision.

In Part 1 we looked at the Sweeteners used in our markets. There were several different types. Most of them found or created in a lab by Accident. Stevia was the only Herb Plant used for centuries to sweeten the taste. It is fairly new to our Western Market. However to take it in pure form is not recommended for some people taking Blood Pressure or Heart Medication. It can as well cause problems for these folks in small amounts over a steady time. Since Herbs do have Medical properties, it is wise to talk to a Herbalist if you are taking Chemical Medications. Mixing of Herbs and Medicine can be dangerous to your health.
Learning about the FDA role in Part 2 gave us an idea of how the amounts are decided. The manufacturers stay within the regulated amounts that's for sure. The downside is that we, the consumer, do not know what amounts are used. For example if one drink has the regulated amount and we drink more than you should, you could be exceeding the safe ADI amount. Now with more Manufacturers using these sweeteners in other products, one can exceeded the ADI amount quickly. This can put our health in jeopardy.

Today we will look at some Research on our Bodies. All these studies are done looking at the effect of drinking diet drinks. How is at relevant to our health, can it contribute to our Diabetes risk? and what about Weight loss does it really help and keep our bodies healthy at the same time?

A nationwide study finished in 2007 concluded that drinking just one 8oz serving can raise your chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 67%. This percent is referring to those who contract diabetes to those would do not drink diet drinks. The Researchers do not say that drinking Diet drinks causes the diabetes. Rather it is suggested that the drinking of them Might have an indirect effect. Perhaps causing weight gain and Insulin problems.
Weight gain you say, how can that be? The word Diet is taken as Being healthy, however it is not necessarily so. Many of the Chemicals in the sweeteners cause an Insulin reaction, which in turn causes the body to crave more sugar or food. This can lead to gaining weight. Our Obesity is the number one cause for Type 2 Diabetes. Another factor is many folks believe that the Zero Calorie drink are a free food. So they tend to eat more Food. Whether it is a mindset or a chemical reaction, Our obsession with the diet drinks are great. It is making our risk greater for an unhealthy life style.

In 2009 there was a study done on Kidney disease. Kidney Disease is on the rise also. In this study 3,000 women(730 of them with Diabetes) where used. It showed drinking 2 or more 8oz servings a day effected the kidney functions. The decline in function was twice the rate of those who did not drink Diet drinks. All the other controlling factors were included, Age, Caloric intake and diabetes status as well as weight. Our Kidneys are a organ vital to our living. Their function is very important, if the function is impaired we are at greater risk of Health problems. Maybe even Kidney Failure at some point!

In conclusion of this 3 part Got Evidence post,I will pose a question to you. With all the research out there and many years of use, Do you still feel Diet drinks are a healthy choice?

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