Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Words- Reusable bags

I have been on Vacation since Friday. Spending time with my Dad. He lives close to the beach, so we did go down to the beach. My daughter loves to shop at the stores along the boardwalk. Of course I have my reusable bag with me, however we did pick up a few more. Now Hubby thinks I have enough already. One place we stopped actually gave us a reusable bag. That got me thinking, what if all the shops were to do that. You know it really does not cost any more to make. I believe the cost is going down, most bags are only one dollar for consumers. That has to mean that the wholesale cost must be low. What about that store who has been giving them out. Do you think he is having a hard time selling them? Even if he is, by giving them out he has helped the environment.
I thought I would ask a Wednesday question:
Do you have reusable bags and have you ever had a store owner give you one with your purchase?


  1. i WISH they gave out a bag with purchase! No, I do have my own though and I love them.

  2. I use reusable bags all the time! Target will give you 5 cents off your purchase with every reusable bag that you use! I've never had a store owner give me one, though.