Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Green Project.Tearing Out and Painting

The room is coming along. The flooring is stripped out , the closet is also stripped out. I have been Painting the walls and closet.
The other day we went to the local Home store and found a Levolor shade in chili pepper. It is a easy glide(no cords)and double cell. We ordered it through them.
The closet will be redesigned by Closet of America. One of the concerns was the doors. There will be three sections, two with drawers and shelves and a hanging section. At present time there are two 35 inch doors. that makes it a little rough to have a Butlers valet pull out rack. Checking on line I learn I could get triple Mirror slider doors. Only thing they were very costly, around 1,600. dollars. Not within my budget! I check at the home center to see if I could special order triple sliding mirror doors and Yes I could. At a fraction of the online cost. I was able to stay with the budget. So we ordered them as well.

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