Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learning Curve-My Opinion

This is only my Opinion on this subject....

When I first started out in Entrecard, I used their standard widgets design. Not too far into the process I found out that to show you really are a serious blogger you should create your own. That I did. I have change a couple widgets since to newer ones in order to promote the blog sites content. One thing I have notice in the past months is, since Entrecard has a new owner the newer ones are only using Entrecards templates.
I tend not to visit them due to most of them are not true blogs and carry Trojans and viruses. I have been going back and forth on Leaving this service. It seems that all the visitors I had from this service have left or are planing to leave. You should see my in-box...It is mostly Black and Gray Widgets, 90% of it. So the dropping numbers for me have gone way down. I have to say most of the advertisers on my blogs are originals widgets and very nice blogs. However my visitors are not Commenter's. Not that it bothers me much. If they read the post that's great.
The thing that gets me is the Service seems to be changing from a family,social and personal blogs network to one of a spam and shopping network. Still undecided if I will stay a part of them. The next few months will tell. As long as the advertisers are of good quality and true blogs I will continue. However It is getting really hard to drop on ones in my In box, and my favorites tend to not drop back.
Looking for some good bloggers.....

Leave your link in the comments. I will for sure visit you and leave a comment on your blog.


  1. I have noticed much of the same and I don't drop on these either. I tend to drop around 225 a day where I used to drop 300/day. I'm still receiving over 200 drops on my site each day, so for now I will also continue. Btw, thanks for allowing me to advertise on your site!

  2. Is blogging in general going the way of fake blogs and spam? It seems like there's more and more useless crap on a webpage that calls itself a blog, and I don't really think it's confined to entrecard, I think it's blogging in general. As soon as someone figured out a way to make money on a blog site, they wiggled into the blogosphere and are slowly polluting it, kind of like the oil spill in the Gulf if you know what I mean.. anyway, I like your blog, and I hope you keep blogging.

  3. You may recall that I left EC a few months back. I am not sorry that I made that decision. Your post here as confirmed the wisdom of my choice.