Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Vintage Sewing Room Project. update

We are coming along fine. Our mirror doors will be in today and ready for pickup. Closet of America called and they are ready to install. The Bamboo flooring is in the room and ready to be laid. Walls and closets are painted, trim is done. I will be putting up the Shade today. Monica the Muralist is still working on the wall.

Here's another peek.

We are working on finding a No-VOC varnish. Tring to keep the room as green as possible is a challenge. Some things have Low VOC's while others have No VOC's. Also staying with in Budget is a must. I am still under budget at this time.
I order a Print from Robin over at Around the Island. She has entered a Artist contest why not go over there and vote for her. Here is the link for voting, Artist Wanted.
The print I order is Beautiful Bolts of Fabric from her Etsy Shop. It will go nicely in the Sewing room.
Well that's it for now, I will continue to update as the project evolves.

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