Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Vintage Sewing Room Project.

The Room is Painted now. Finished the walls last night, Hubby helped.. me in the cast makes it hard to work on the room.

If you are just stopping by, We have started a totally green project. It is a Sewing room. My current room is in a small windowless place in the Basement. My Grandmother was a seamstress and I remember being at her home where the shop was. It was in the 1950's... I like that time the most. So in lies the Vintage Sewing Room.

The color is called Filtered Sunlight
Paint is Natura by Benjamin Moore (a No V.O.C. paint)

The carpet and baseboards are totally out...
Awaiting the Bamboo flooring.

And the Closet was stripped out , patched and painted.

I am going to pick up the shade we ordered as well as some Natura White trim paint. The Home Improvement place called and the shade is in.

Today the Muralist Monica starts the wall. I will post as she make process you can see. I am looking forward to this part of the Project. It will be a store front looking out of the store in the fifty era.

I am still under budget, so I am pleased with the project so far.

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