Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Here we Are In 2021- Some New Upgrades to Show.

 A lot has happened in the last few years. Our family has experience Sickness ,Death and Life Changes that are hard to deal with. So many news' in our life. One thing is we have now officially Retired. This happened the same time as Covid hit the USA. We had so many Plans for this new life style. Travels planed as well as some upgrade to our Two houses. We were able to get one of our trip in before the quarantine hit. Now we are in the  end phrase of getting the vaccines so we can start traveling again. In the Meantime the decision to have the upgrades to the house started.

The first thing we did was the  lower deck. We decided to go with a composite that would not need to be repaired as much as the Wood. It also saved the life of Trees, since we went away from Wood decks.


the Lower deck, shed side to the brick walkway


Lower deck Gazebo house side.

Lower deck view to the upper deck.

Went with solid Hickory flooring for the main level of our home.

The Dining room into the kitchen. One smooth entrance. We also painted all the halls in the Dinning room and Hallway.



 Enter hall is great with not transition strips now. It use to be all tile with the carpet in the two room off the hallway.



Dining room so much better. that original flooring with split, tile and carpet.  Love the way it looks now.



Living room, use of rugs help with the Echo sounds. It is a very large room.




The hallway and the bathroom. Into the kitchen. One thing we decided was to make the flooring continuous with no transition strips. Glad we did that. Has totally upgrade the  house. bring it into the  new century.

this is the stair to the second floor. the Second floor has Bamboo flooring.Which we installed a few years back.

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