Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going Green Together- Green flooring?

We have been looking for ways to improve our Green home. So far we have added a home solar system. Have installed green flooring and  used no VOC paints on the walls. Most all of our lights are  Green Zones. Still need to paint a dinning room and the ceilings, install new carpets and a kitchen floor.

Although I do not like the lighting we have. One thing  that really bugs me is the amount of illumination of the  green lighting. Feel it is just not enough for my daily tasking. Not to mention the time it takes to brighten up. Not sure I like the new order to have all new green lighting and discontinue the incandescent  bulbs. In some of the lights I like the incandescent lights, especially the three way lights. How do you like the new greener lights? Feedback would be good for me. Perhaps you like a certain brand.

Now on to the flooring. I have come to love the bamboo flooring. If you remember I install the Vintage Sewing Room floor with a striated bamboo floor. Thinking of doing the same in the Kitchen. Although we did  find a floor covering from Pergo that we like and It is all green. That will be the next big project for us.

Being able to Go Green is getting easier now. There are more products available at better or equal to the cost of traditional  ones. Love going to the stores and checking out the Newer items. Did you know that sometimes you can order directly from the manufacture. In most case you can hirer a certified installer to do the work. Although installation in most case is easy to do and the instructions are online. Be sure to check out the warranty before deciding on the  way to install it. Some companies will only warranty if you have it installed by a  qualified person. In that case find out if they will install if you purchase the product. This could be tricky, as most will not. However remember it is the manufacture  who is giving the warranty not the installer. One more thing to remember, Check out the warranty... What does it cover and what are the terms. Found that some warranties are really useless. Sometimes it is not worth the extra cost to have it install be a authorized person. Every manufacturer sites has the warranties posted. Know the Product warranty  and conditions of installations before  you get the information from the local installation company. We found that sometimes the installer company has no idea that the manufacture will only warrant a certain type of installation in certain rooms.

We had a company tell us they would not glue it down only nail it and the warranty stated the nailing the product would cause clips and that would not be covered on the warranty. Also it stated the gluing it was the manufactures recommendation in the kitchen. Due to the moisture and wearing. We decided not to go with that flooring , or the Local company because they did not know the product they were selling. So as you can see doing you homework can save you headaches in the future.

I hope this information will help you in all you decision on Go Green. if you have any questions or suggestion for me please leave them in the comment section. I will try to answer them or research it for you.

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  1. Great post! Going green especially with the floors is just amazing we have the awesome designs in it that would love people to have them.