Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Solar Project Has Started

On Friday they started installing the conduit that will hold the wires. They installed the cut off box. So if need be, the feed to the grid can be shut off. The pipe that runs down the side of the house was painted to match our siding. You can hardly see it.

The Electrician made the measurement and talked us through their plans for Monday. I really like that. So far all the installers have been very informative and experienced. These are people who are Masters and have had their own businesses. Now working for the Solar company we are using. Most of them had to seek a company to employ them because the work , due to our economy, just wasn't there to continue with their own Business. I think it was a good move for them. Continuing to use their skills while in this recession and helping with the Green alternative is a great choice. Having these type of workers are far better than just some newbie that has had a year or two training. When you are spending thousands of dollars on a project, it really makes a difference in the workmanship. It needs to be done right the first time. We are very pleased with yesterdays workmanship.

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