Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heathy Living- The Weight Delimma.

Wow, Here I am again talking about the things every one hates to hear...Weight! Oh yeah I know you are going to click off this page real fast now. WAIT..It's not that bad and I am not going to talk about how much I weigh or how we all need to loose it. NO..NO..NO! Let's talk Food and Fun times. Yeah that's what I said. Now with Candy and Chocolate time in the near future we all are going to partake. Me included, the holidays would be a drag if I could not join in.
So what are some things we can do to enjoy our food. Let's enjoy every morsel, eating it and savoring every bite. That slows me down when eating and tends to make me eat less. Then go for a walk and look at all the decorations in the neighborhood.
I love to cook this time of year. It is sometime a challenge to make the sweets healthier. I do manage it often. If you haven't visited My Kitchen yet, now would be a good time.I really love all the comfort foods. Making them healthier is my goal. Oh yeah I want that same taste. Sometime I can not change it, but eating less of it is okay. So how does Pumpkin cheesecake sound? Be looking for that recipe next week. I am working on it now.
Let's enjoy the next four months and try to see the healthier side of Food.

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