Monday, September 14, 2009

I Did it Monday

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Today I manage to get my daughter off to school, Hubby to the airport and bake 4 loaves of bread. Of course I lost a set of keys, still haven't figured out where they could be. I really need to take that memory pill or eat the chocolate bar,hehehe. You know the one, Dark Chocolate good for the memory.
On the weekend I got to see Critter, my g-nephew. He sang in a bi-lingual church service connected with the school he attends. He was great... 5 years old and he did sing and sign! We play awhile after church and had some food. He lives in the DC area so It was about a one hour drive for us. I do like getting to see the family. We go to the same church, but it is large over 10,000 people, so I do not always get to see them.

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  1. Thanks for joining us for I Did It! - Monday. I love dark choclate. It's the greatest.
    -- Chuck