Saturday, September 12, 2009

Help my sight!

Hubby loves to change out all our light bulbs to the Led's and fluorescent.While daughter and I were on vacation he replace every light in the house. Even though I want to save on energy they do not give enough light. The Fluorescent bulb take a while to get bright, so in the kitchen they will not do. On to the Led's, those are just bad. No brightness at all and one can not read by them. For our fans, he likes to use the fluorescence. When our daughter turn them to dim and hum is not pleasant. she want them out. In the bathroom it is the timing issue again, length of time to get bright. Now today hubby says get use to it, that all you will be able to purchase soon. Help Me!!! I need Bright light, instant and no humming when dimmed. Did some research and found one needs to get a Fluorescent dimmer switch. Now we will have to change out all the dimmer switches in the house. We only have ten, and at 70.00 a piece I think I will have to wait until we need to change them out. What type of light bulbs do you use?

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  1. We switched to Fluorescent light bulb (curly ones) 4 or 5 years ago. I like the "day light" ones because it is very bright. Just like a day light outside the house.

    I don't have any problem with ours and I don't know why yours take a while to brighten up. The long ones, yes they do that when they are old. You might want to get a new one or use the curly ones.