Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's In The Bag-1st Month Update

Here we are one month in using cloth bags. How did I do?
Well in the beginning I used the bags for my groceries. However I forgot to bring them into the mall. I would say I did better than I use to. I'm still working on not taking any plastic bags from merchants. I will tell you it is hard. Looking them in the face and say "I will not need your plastic bag" is intimidating. It is much easier at the grocery stores. Why it that?
I think the malls merchants should be better at accepting "I have my own bag". Instead I got strange looks and one store said you can put this bag in yours. So, I will be bold in my task this month and let you know next month how it went. How did you do?

If you are new and want to join this Shopping Green "It's in The Bag". The goal is to stop accepting plastic bags. Less Plastic bags in the Land fills and Oceans will make our land healthier and save animals . Did you know it takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose? You can read the first post Here . Join us on this life changing goal.


  1. Congratulations on your first month! I found it more difficult at stores that were not grocery at first also, but now they just think I'm "that weird girl" and I am okay with that.

  2. I seldom ever see paper bags any more it's always plastic, but our store has a recycle bin that you can return your plastic to.

  3. Congratulations!! It is tough to remember .. I forget all the time about taking my cloth bags with me. I'm in Canada and here (Ontario at least) retailers by law have to charge $.05 for each plastic bag. When you can by a cloth bag for $.50, I can see the savings adding up - that's incentive :)

  4. Hello Auntie E,

    in Germany we usually use already since many years less plastic bags in the shopping centers as they charge up to 30 cents for one bag.

    In Bakeries we get usually paper bags there they put the bread in it.

    As i live now for another year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it's completely different.
    You have to take your reusable bag with you and tell them directly at the cash counter that they shall put the items in this bag instead of in three or four different plastic bag.
    But most of the time they put it in the plastic bag and afterward these plastic bags in the reusable bag :) It's their mentality at the moment but i saw in the last month some movement for Environment-friendly Monday (no plastic bag usage, bring your own bag and get rewarded).

    Have a great weekend and let them look at like they want, we help to save the planet with these actions!


  5. I'm always forgetting mine under the seat in the car!! But I do get strange looks from the people at the store when I do remember to bring them in! Am I the only one using them??