Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Sweet Tooth- Our Weakness

Why is it that we have such a Sweet tooth? I got to thinking while on vacation, How come those desserts sound so good, Cotton Candy at the fairs are a must, Candy Factory's are such fun and samples are every where. We went to a Old time Fourth of July Party and don't you know there was cotton candy for only 2 dollars.

Then we visited Patsy's chocolate factory in Colorado. The history was they started out making flavored Popcorn and Cotton Candy then moved to taffy (the kind that does not stick to the teeth), later came the chocolates. It was a small factory they gave tours,so we went on it. The owners fed us Freshly made Flavored popcorn, Taffy( which we watch him make and had it right off the machine), Then came the freshly made chocolates. I will say it was very good!! White water rafting wasn't any exception cookies were awaiting us after all that hard work. On every tour we took there was sweets. Cookies, candies and if that weren't enough there was the mountain ice cream.
It seemed that every where we went people where handing out Sweets.
Even at the Bubba Gumps store they were handed out samples of Mama Gump Kitchen Gourmet Chocolate, you know from the movie " Forrest Gump". Forrest Pinned the phrase "Life a like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get."I tried not to buy a box.

After each dinner there was that question " Did you save room for dessert?" We ate at this one place called "Pine Country Restaurant", on route 66, they were known for their Pies. Oh not just a couple pies but a list so long it had it own Menu. When the pies came to you it was not skimpy I believed 3 people could of enjoyed one piece and been satisfied! We ended up taking the pie pieces back to nurse on them for two more days!
So here we are five pound heavier than when a started on the trip. I am sure it was all the sweets!! Why are we so weak when it comes to the sweets?

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  1. I was always a chocolate nut person, but I can't eat nuts anymore so I dropped the chocolate too. I never have room for dessert after eating so thank goodness that saves me, but sometimes I crave sweets and eat dessert instead of food...bad me.