Thursday, July 23, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Time- Cooking Stories

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It was the early 60's Mom was in the hospital, I am the only girl in of family of 3 boys and a Dad. This was the first time Mom was not home, She had always done the cooking. Dad ask me to cook so, I decided I could make Pancakes. That should be easy, use Betty Crocker Pancake Mix. Heat the Pan on the stove and pour the cakes into the pan. So the pan was hot I mixed the pancake mix and put it in the pan...For some of you younger folks we did not have non-stick pans! and There wasn't Microwave pancakes out, Heck there wasn't even a Microwave in our town! So the pancakes stuck to the pan and burned black. Dad made me clean the pan, it took me days!!! and I used SOS pads! Now my brothers did not want me to cook for them again.
This is another cooking story. It was also in the 60's, after the Pancake episode. Wanted to make a cake. Easy right? Betty Crocker Cake mix. I prepared the pans this time, greased and floured. The cake came out perfect. All were very pleased. Needed to ice it, did not know you needed to wait until it cooled! So the icing disappeared in the cake. Just a sugary mess. My middle brother,to this day, will not let go of that memory.
Now onto the Whip cream. Same Year, Mom made whip cream from the cream on top of the Fresh milk. She thought is would be easy for me to make...Okay I put the cream into the mixing bowl added sugar and turned on the electric beaters. Let it beat until it looked like whip cream. Who knew I could make sweet Butter!

My First Cooking tries did not turn out too good. My family still to this Day, Speaks of them. By the way did you know I have a CookBook Website? Yes I have learned how to cook Pancakes from Scratch, Bake cakes one can enjoy with great frosting, and even learned how to make Whip Cream from Scratch. I will say I have become such a good cook that all have gained plenty of pounds. Now I am learning to cook for health and to aide in losing pounds with out starving. I have come a long way for my beginning cooking years. Still learning and still have disasters once in a while.


  1. Great stories, Auntie E! I'll visit you again, I'm looking for some healthier ways to cook myself. I'm a semi-reformed Southerner who still thinks of butter as a food group!

  2. FUNNY! I love the sweet butter....sounds yummy actually! :)

  3. Great post! Thank you again for participating. I always look forward to your posts.