Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shades for the Solarium

Our solarium is getting Insulated shades . We ordered some Hunter Douglas Honeycomb insulated shades. Our Solarium can get pretty hot in the summer. Deciding to put shades on the large windows and doors was hard. Wanting to have some light yet be able to control the room temperature.

For years we have wanted to do something to control the heat. We had an air conditioner in a window. That was very expensive and even on a auto setting it ran most of the time. We took it out one Winter and never put it back. I just put up with the summer heat. It would get 80-90 in there. Now that we use it more, we need to do something.

I think I will love these shades. These shades open from the top and bottom. Have a glide mechanism, so no cords hanging around. They are called Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades. The shades are a Greenguard Certified product. The UV protection is 99% and the shades have a R-value of 7.8 with a 3.5 R-value window. Can reduce your energy expense by 50%. Over all it has one of the highest ratings in the Window Coverings industry.

Our Shades....

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